Turning the Tables on Higher Ed Grades

The grades are in — for Indiana’s public colleges and universities. The "teacher" in this case is the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for a Competitive Workforce. Its Leaders & Laggards report evaluates states in 11 categories.

Derek Redelman, Indiana Chamber vice president of education and workforce policy, says there are few surprises in the report. The "A" grade for overall policy environment, he adds, is a "nice affirmation that the U.S. Chamber likes what we’re doing with education policy in Indiana." The other "A" comes in the overall category of innovation in online learning.

The third overall category was innovation in openness to providers. Indiana received a "C." The other eight grades were divided between four areas for both four-year and two-year institutions. Those marks were:

  • Student access and success: C (four-year) and D (two-year)
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness: D and B, respectively
  • Meeting labor market demand: B and C, respectively
  • Transparency and accountability: C and C

Check out the overall report and the Indiana analysis.