Video Spotlights Higher Ed Success Story at Ivy Tech & IU East

A BizVoice® magazine story earlier this year included the following quote:

“We used to have an associate degree in nursing,” states Nasser Paydar, chancellor of Indiana University East (IU East) in Richmond. “Ivy Tech has an associate degree in nursing. What this did was confuse the students in the first place. Why would two state institutions within walking distance have the same degree program, accredited by the same agency?”

IU East no longer has any associate degree programs. Its partnership with its neighboring Ivy Tech campus and other locations within its region goes much deeper. It is a formula that can – and should be – replicated in areas around the state.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to students, faculty and administrators at the two Richmond campuses describe how young people are able to move through the higher education process more efficiently and be prepared to enter the state’s workforce. A video on the Achieve Indiana web site tells this important story – in their words. 

One thought on “Video Spotlights Higher Ed Success Story at Ivy Tech & IU East

  1. Things may have changed since I went to school.
    When I went to school, IU had a reputation for being much more rigorous than Ivy Tech. If I am hiring someone, I would easily pick an IU graduate over an Ivy Tech graduate. Therefore, it seems foolish to me for IU East to drop its IU Associate programs.

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