Wanted Dead or Alive

March 14 was the 60th anniversary of something I venture to say that 99.5% of us have seen or heard of. None of us, however, aspire to be part of this piece of history.

The debut of the Fedreal Bureau of Investigation’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitves list was March 14, 1950.

How did it start? According to the agency web site, the year before an International News Service reporter asked the following question: Who were the "toughest guys" the FBI was pursuing.  

Bank robbers and political activists were popular figures through many of the early years. Today, terrorists, serial killers and drug traffickers are among the notorious top 10, with Obama Bin Laden at the head of the list.

Trivia: Ruth Eisemann-Schier was the first female on the list in late 1968. She participated in the kidnapping (orchestrated by her boyfriend) of heiress Barbara Jane Mackle. Gary Steve Krist was captured, but Schier eluded authorities until March 5, 1969.