What Customers Don’t Want to Hear

Language is important. Just ask George W. Bush, Joe Biden or any other political gaffe machine you can think of. Choosing the wrong words when dealing with the general public can make your job that much harder, and can cost your company future business if it occurs in the customer service deparment. Customer Contact News offers some useful tips on what NOT to say:

Sure, these lines sound innocent enough to your ears, but to customers, they sound like lame excuses for not helping them.

Try to avoid these phrases in your contact center.  Some customers practically cringe when they hear them.

  • “That’s our policy.” It’s a corporate way of saying no and it sounds like agents don’t want to – not can’t – do what customers have requested. Try: “Here’s why we’ll have to find another solution …”
  • “I’m new here.” Agents who use this line suggest to customers that they weren’t properly trained. Try: “Let me double-check with someone before I answer that. I want to give you the most accurate answer possible.”
  • “My supervisor’s not available.” That’s not customers’ problem. Get to someone who can help. Try: “I’m sure Sally can help us with this. Can you wait while I get her on the line also?”
  • “I don’t know.” Customers called you and expect you to be the expert. Try: “Let me look into that.”