What You Should NOT Do with Your Business’ Facebook Page

Hubspot offers a great post here on what folks should NOT be doing with their Facebook pages. Some are obvious, though some — like not connecting it to your Twitter account — are popular in practice at the moment and should probably be reconsidered. Here are the 9 no-nos, with explanations in the full post. Since it’s what not to do, it takes on a double negative feeling in some cases so it can be confusing — but please don’t not understand it.

You Could Be Misusing Your Facebook Page, if You…

  1. Duplicate your Twitter strategy on Facebook
  2. Post Only Plain-Text Status Updates
  3. Don’t Allow Fans to Share Content
  4. Don’t Comment on Your Fans’ Content
  5. Don’t Share Your Fans’ Content
  6. Don’t use Facebook Questions to Find More Fans
  7. Use a Profile Image That has a Poor Thumbnail
  8. Don’t Share Your Facebook Page on Your Website
  9. Don’t Develop a Personality