What’s Worse Than Losing Your iPad?

A typical person could name myriad things in life that would be worse than losing one’s iPad: Being forced to watch those super sad Sarah McLachlan abused animal commercials on a continuous loop. Dying in a fiery car crash. Being a chair in Clint Eastwood’s home, constantly having to deflect his criticism.

But a recent newsletter from Mobile Enterprise posts answers from users who were asked that very question. Their findings may surpise you:

iPad users would find accidentally destroying their device more painful than:

  • Getting in a minor car accident – 40%
  • Having a root canal – 32%
  • Breaking their nose – 16%
  • Getting fired from their job – 10%

Business travelers also say they’d rather forget the following items than forget their iPad:

  • Deodorant – 55%
  • Birth control – 50% (47% among females)
  • A change of clothes – 35%
  • To lock the front door – 22%
  • To turn off the oven – 17%

H/t to staffer Glenn Harkness.