When Will These Numbers No Longer Be Necessary?

A recent study indicated women-owned businesses contribute nearly $3 trillion to the national economy and are responsible for 23 million jobs. The authors tout the addition of company purchases and the purchasing power of employees and suppliers to the traditional statistics of firms, revenues and employment.

Kudos to the National Women’s Business Council (a federal advisor to the White House, Congress and Small Business Administration) and the Center for Women’s Business Research. They did their job. My question: Why do they still have to do that job?

What benefit do some of the other research facts (see below) provide? Why must there be a gender distinction between business owners? Are women-owned businesses being discriminated against? Can’t we just acknowledge that there are many successful businesses of all types, regardless of whether the person in the corner office is a man or a woman?  When, if ever, will we reach that point?

Your thoughts?

More study findings (irrelevant in my opinion)::

  • Approximately 8% of the total labor force work directly for a woman-owned firm
  • If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have the fifth largest GDP in the world, ahead of countries including France, the United Kingdom, and Italy
  • If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have a greater GDP than Canada, India and Vietnam combined