Winston: 2010 Primary Season is One of New Courses

Robin Winston is a former Indiana Democratic Party Chairman, and his political commentary has been sought after by many in local media, including "Indiana Week in Review" on WFYI-TV.

This is a unique primary season because so much attention has been focused on the initiatives of President Obama. The President has charted a positive course for our nation to address a myriad of issues, including stimulating our economy, rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in education and finally addressing health care. 

A record number of Republican candidates are seeking open seats in Congressional Districts in Central Indiana. Some of those candidates represent truly divergent interests for the GOP.  May 4 will offer an opportunity to determine the strength of candidates espousing the views of “Tea Party” supporters. If successful, the Tea Party-backed candidates will change the dynamic of the GOP. If not, it will be interesting to see if they back Republican candidates in the fall.

Our party is fortunate to have Brad Ellsworth running for the U.S. Senate. A moderate and a pro-life and pro-gun Democrat, Ellsworth will bring common sense to the chaos in Washington. He has served as an Indiana sheriff longer than as a member of Congress and knows that Washington is not working for the American people. 

A few weeks ago, I joined Congressman Ellsworth for lunch and found him to be open, modest and self-deprecating. He is the epitome of a hard-working, middle-income Hoosier. He keenly understands the need for Washington to work for our interests. His past experience as a sheriff taught him that doing what is right is more important than scoring political points. That’s why he’ll work to build consensus and be an independent voice working for Hoosiers. 

Once Hoosiers get to know Brad and know more about his positions on the issues, I am confident that they will vote for him as an excellent successor to Senator Evan Bayh.

On a final note, please vote on May 4.


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