Words to Cherish: ‘Aren’t Radical Enough’

In now nearly 11 years at the Indiana Chamber, one of several consistent battles that has taken place on the policy stage is the fight for education reform. A number of other local and state players have come and gone, but the Chamber has been there with research, advocacy, pilot programs and much more.

Many of our board members are passionate about the issue. They rightfully realize that today’s education is critical to assembling tomorrow’s workforce — one that will not only be competitive but hopefully world class.

There have been victories along the way for sure, but also more than a few setbacks. The "let’s not rock the status quo" mentality that we see far too often is frustrating. But for those interested in true reform, it doesn’t stop them from fighting the fight.

This is all a prelude to a noteworthy Fordham Institute analysis about charter schools, vouchers and comments by new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The quick take: Duncan isn’t sure vouchers are the answer in D.C. because they "aren’t radical enough."

Wow! Hope is renewed. Read the full story.