You Can’t Be the Best If You Don’t Play the Game

So you’ve heard about this Best Places to Work in Indiana thing, but you’re not sure your company should register to participate. The deadline for the 2010 program is Friday (that’s just to apply, the questionnaire and surveys come later, so you have time); thus, let me give you a few reasons to help you make up your mind.

  • Everybody wins. No, it’s not the "we won’t keep score in the soccer game but give everyone a trophy mentality," but all companies that participate benefit from the professional analysis and the direct (and anonymous) comments from your employees. If you don’t qualify for the BPTW list, the feedback may not be rosy. But then you can take what you learn and improve — isn’t that what business and developing a strong workplace culture are all about
  • If you do win — in the form of being named one of the Best Places to Work — the awards event is simply a blast. Megaphones, maracas, cowbells and tamborines have taken turns as the featured noisemakers at a fast-moving celebration at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. It’s an awards dinner you will always remember
  • Those honorees also receive some pretty cool statewide recognition through BizVoice magazine. Check out the coverage from earlier this year, along with previous May-June issues

A young, fast-growing company contacted me recently for more details and was far from disheartened when told an organization has to have a minimum of 25 Indiana employees (not my rule, but a needed one to ensure integrity with the survey process). The reaction: "we’ll be at 25 soon" and ready to enter future programs.

All of the details are here. Apply, invest in your company and reap the rewards. You won’t be sorry.