You Say ‘Honest to Goodness’ is OK

When tourism officials unveiled “Honest to Goodness Indiana” as the state’s new brand a few weeks ago, the criticism came fast and furious. But in our completely unscientific poll, you didn’t seem to mind (or maybe you just didn’t like the past efforts).

The question was to weigh in on your favorite Indiana tourism slogan of the recent (and not so recent) past. The top three vote-getters:

  • Honest to Goodness Indiana: 50%
  • Wander Indiana (a 1980s entry): 20%
  • Restart Your Engines (the immediate predecessor): 17%

Some took the opportunity to offer a new slogan. Among those: Discover Indiana, Explore Indiana, The State That Works (Governor Pence’s campaign mantra and tied to the economic development efforts).

In our current poll, we’re asking about a new professional sports franchise (the Indy Eleven is reaching out to potential soccer fans around the state) and gauging your early interest. The off-field efforts are featured in our Business of Sports story in current BizVoice magazine.