A Good Time to Find Top Talent

I’m reminded once again that while the recession and particular slowdowns in certain industries have caused economic turmoil, the results have also put many very good workers into the marketplace. Companies, even those that might be suffering now, can also look to the future by hiring this top talent.

Leaders of several Chamber companies pointed this out a few months ago. The thought has been rekindled as I have seen close friends, general acquaintances and people I have known by their good reputation fall victim to job cuts.

From a state perspective, the best example is taking former autoworkers and using their mechancial skills in various advanced manufacturing circles. From an individual outlook, it’s the communicators, marketers, managers and many others who may have to look in a different direction but can certainly be assets for years to come.

For those looking to re-enter the working world, good luck. For the companies that not only wish to survive but thrive, take a look and see how you can help your organization today and tomorrow.