Chamber Still Targeting Job Killers

At the beginning of the 2009 Indiana legislative session, we outlined 40 bills that we targeted as "job killers." Our legislative goal was to squash those bills, keep them from passing and not allow them to negatively impact the state. After all, times are tough enough for the business community and for taxpayers. 

So as the second half of the session gets underway, we’re happy to report that 33 of those bills are now dead or their impact mitigated, with just seven job killers left on our radar. Those include:

  • HB 1014: Expansion of age discrimination litigation to small employers
  • HB 1057: Collective bargaining for public employees
  • HB 1167: Expanded lawsuit actions against employers based upon alleged exposure to hazardous substances
  • HB 1207: Required nutritional information at food establishments
  • HB 1338: Limitations on effectiveness of IEDC business/job creation incentives
  • HB 1461: Collective bargaining for school employees
  • HB 1492: Increased costs for lawsuits against IDEM

The work will continue, with a hoped-for focus on job creation.