Indiana Employers Should Avoid Top 10 Payroll Mistakes

This is very valuable information from regarding the most common payroll mistakes:

Any business with employees must have a system in place for handling payroll activities, which includes paying employees, filing all necessary government forms, and paying taxes promptly. There are numerous aspects to payroll, particularly in larger companies with full-time and part-time employees plus independent contractors. Here are 10 of the most common payroll mistakes to be aware of:

1. Missing deadlines

2. Misclassifying workers

3. Neglecting to send 1099s

4. Poor record keeping and data entry

5. Not properly handling garnishments, levies, or child support

6. Miscalculating overtime pay

7. Leaving too much responsibility to the software program

8. Not saving payroll records

9. Not maintaining confidentiality

10. Not having adequate backup

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