INDYCOG, Sun King Partner Up for Safety

Who here likes cycling? Great. Now, who likes local beer? Neat! I’m seeing a lot of the same hands. Then you should be enthused about this partnership between INDYCOG (Indianapolis’ bicycle advocacy group) and Sun King Brewing:

INDYCOG is partnering with Sun King Brewing Company to deliver a message of mutual respect on our roadways. The Coaster Safety messaging, which is part of an overall campaign known as Riders in the Know, consists of six messages: three focused on motorists and three on cyclists. These messages are designed to educate and mitigate conflict on our roadways. Sun King will be printing these messages on 20,000 drink coasters that they will distribute to bars and restaurants in the Indianapolis area who carry their product. The first two messages began circulating in early September, while the other four messages will be released with other local breweries over the fall and winter months.

“Sun King is focused on making our community a better place to live and work. We love working with INDYCOG to spread the word about bicycle advocacy and this coaster project is a great way to get the word about bicycle safety out all over Indy,’ said Clay Robinson, brewer/co-owner of Sun King Brewing Company.

“While crashes between bicycles and automobiles are not common (17% of all bicycle crashes), we would like to reduce that number to zero. We feel by concentrating our messaging on 6 of the most common causes for collisions between these two groups, we can contribute to working towards that goal,” said Kevin Whited, executive director, INDYCOG.

For more information on the Riders in the Know project or other information on bicycle safety, please visit INDYCOG online at