Lemonade Here!

The inventor of voicemail and (Indiana Chamber member) ChaCha, Scott Jones, has developed a pretty brilliant way to get youngsters involved in entrepreneurship. It’s the same way Jones got involved at age 10 — a lemonade stand. Read below to see how your little ones can get involved in Lemonade Day in Indianapolis:

Lemonade Day is a free, city-wide initiative designed to teach kids (primarily k-8) how to start, own and operate their own business – a lemonade stand.

It’s easy to sign up, here’s how:

1. Pair Up:  Youth participating in Lemonade Day must work with a "caring adult" – could be a parent, grandparent, older sibling or other responsible adult.

2. Register:  Sign up online or register @ any branch of the Marion County Public Library or YMCA.

3. Pick Up Your Backpack:  If you registered online, print out the reply you get from us and take it to any branch of the Marion County Public Library or YMCA to get your backpack. As mentioned above, you can also register there. Each youth who registers will receive a bright yellow backpack – inside is everything you need to prepare for Lemonade Day.

4. Sign Up for ChaCha’s Lemonade Day Text Alerts: It’s easy. "Caring adults": using your cell phone, text LEMONVIP to 242242. Once you sign up, we’ll send text messages to your phone with helpful tips and updates.

5. Prepare for Lemonade Day:  When you get your backpack, you’ll find two workbooks: one for the youth and one for the caring adult. Spend the next few weeks – at your own pace – working through these lessons around starting, owning and operating a business.

6. Set Up Your Stand on May 2nd:  We’ll be posting information about other places (in addition to your neighborhood) where you can set up your stand, so be sure to re-visit our web site in the coming days…..On May 2nd, you’ll be one of thousands of kids across the Greater Indianapolis Area selling lemonade – think about how to stand out from your competitors and have a blast!