Loony Lawsuits Unfortunately Keep Coming Back

A recent fact I read: there are more than 169,000 law offices in the United States. And, just like any profession, most of the lawyers operating out of those offices are doing the right thing. Put all the jokes aside — for now. Lawyers play a critical role in many aspects of everyday business and life.

But there are, just like any profession, some wishing to take shortcuts to get the job done or utilize their knowledge for their own personal gain. And when the legal system allows that abuse to occur, watch out.

That’s why there has to be an Institute for Legal Reform and an occasional publication from the Heartland Institute titled Lawsuit Abuse Fortnightly. You hear about one of these "cases too bad to be true" and you might not give it a second thought. Check out these resources and you get a litany of those "bad" examples, enough to make you a little queasy.

The latest Heartland offering has its usual array of bizarre court cases — each carrying a price tag in time and resources no matter the outcome. This issue includes a contribution from the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and their "top five looniest lawsuits" of 2008.

Check it out, shake your head and feel free to let your representatives in Washington know that change is long overdue.

0 thoughts on “Loony Lawsuits Unfortunately Keep Coming Back

  1. There needs to be someone or a committee that oversees these cases before they even make it to court. There is a case of a man who tortured and murdered a 2 year old girl. The details were heinous. He has been to court and sentenced. Now they are giving 40 minutes before the state supreme court to see if he will be allowed an appeal. The taxpayers paid for his first trial and we will be paying for this 40 minutes. I email M Daniels about it but I do not really think he cares.