Making Education Dollars Go Farther

Fifteen things you need to know as a policymaker — or someone who cares about education in your community and state.

1.End “last hired, first fired” practices.
2.Remove class-size mandates.
3.Eliminate mandatory salary schedules.
4.Eliminate state mandates regarding work rules and terms of employment.
5.Remove “seat time” requirements.
6.Merge categorical programs and ease onerous reporting requirements.
7.Create a rigorous teacher evaluation system.
8.Pool health-care benefits.
9.Tackle the fiscal viability of teacher pensions.
10.Move toward weighted student funding.
11.Eliminate excess spending on small schools and small districts.
12.Allocate spending for learning-disabled students as a percent of population.
13.Limit the length of time that students can be identified as English Language Learners.
14.Offer waivers of non-productive state requirements.
15.Create bankruptcy-like loan provisions.

These are Stretching the School Dollar recommendations contained in a brief released yesterday by the Fordham Institute. Sounds like a lot of common sense. Sounds like a lot of topics that are going to be discussed at the Indiana Statehouse in the coming months.

Read the full brief and stay tuned to see what happens.

One thought on “Making Education Dollars Go Farther

  1. Two comments: #8 – Many school districts are already pooling their insurance for health care and, very importantly, at a cost lower than the State program.
    #11 – IPS and Gary schools receive the highest funding per student from the State of all schools in Indiana. I would hardly consider them to be small schools or districts so, who is receiving the “excess spending”?

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