Property Tax Bills on the Way for Some

While Marion County and a few others across the state are still dealing with 2007 property tax bills, work is progressing (behind the normal May-November payment due schedule) on 2008 versions. It’s still way too early to tell the impacts of most property tax reform measures. The immediate "relief" to homeowners (a total of $870 million in state-provided credits) will be seen.

Although there is no official report, Indiana Chamber calculations indicate:

  • Twelve have mailed the first 2008 bills, with Vanderburgh, Hamilton and Howard among the largest counties
  • The initial Allen County installment is expected to hit next week. Vigo and Monroe should go out before the end of July
  • Further delays are expected in northern Indiana with more work to do in Lake, LaPorte, Porter and St. Joseph counties
  • A total of 52 counties have received budget orders from the Department of Local Government Finance. The result could be many more bills on the way in the coming weeks

So, homeowners are getting their relief – that was the mission. The question is what will the 2008 commercial and industrial property taxes look like.