Insurance Savings Available for Drug-Free Hoosier Workplaces

Drug-Free Hoosiers — a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration — is available to provide Indiana businesses with 5% savings on workers’ compensation insurance premiums if they can maintain a certified drug-free workplace. These savings have been available since 1999, but not all businesses are aware of this. 

View the Schedule Rating from the Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau to see what is available and if your company qualifies.

For more, check out the Drug-Free Hoosiers web site or contact Mary Wellnitz of The Figment Group Inc. at [email protected].

GAP’s Groupon Earns Company Some Extra Bank

Ever heard of a Groupon? Well, you have now. See how GAP’s week got a whole lot better when results from its discount push started rolling in last week:

Groupon is having a smashing day, likely generating over $4 million in net revenue, thanks to a deal with the Gap.

Today’s Groupon gives users a $25 discount at the Gap if consumers spend over $50 at the store. If you think it sounds like a good deal, you’re not alone.

CEO Andrew Mason tells us that as of 4:43 ET, Groupon has sold over 300,000 Gap deals. That puts Groupon’s gross revenue for the day at $7.5 million ($25X300,000).

Mason wouldn’t say how much Groupon keeps, but previously we’ve heard it’s around 50%. So, Groupon’s net revenue could be $3.75 million already, and the day’s not over yet. It will keep selling deals and it will generate much more than $4 million today.

TechCrunch thinks Groupon could do 700,000 sales today for gross revenue of $17.5 million.