Tech Talk: Special Locations; Special Outcomes

Yes, we understand technology allows business processes to take place today that were never possible before. Yes, we know that people – no doubt about it – are the most important asset in any organization.

But location still plays a factor. And location is a central theme to two recent EchoChamber conversations. The guests: Rich Carlton of Data Realty in South Bend (where tech is thriving on the site of the former auto manufacturing giant Studebaker) and John Hurley of SmartFile and the Union 525 (the scale-up home in Indianapolis that is becoming the centerpiece of innovation and activity).

A few nuggets from each are below. But we encourage you to check out their full conversations.


  • Data Realty family of companies is making 40 million calculations a day on data coming in from around the world
  • Talent from Stanford, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon and more now calling South Bend region home
  • Goals include becoming the first company out of South Bend to be valued at $1 billion
  • “If South Bend was a stock, I’d be buying. We’re in the infancy of what we’re going to be able to do.”


  • Celebrating its ninth anniversary – “we’re like a grandfather in tech” – SmartFile manages digital content to meet regulatory and compliance standards for 1,400 organizations in 80 countries
  • Hurley loves the “collisions” at Union 525 where “great risk takers and thinkers are all there creating a lot of energy”
  • He is now receiving near daily communication from venture capitalists looking at Indiana and the Midwest. Union 525 is a part of helping to make that happen
  • The next phases of tech development on the southern edge of Indianapolis’ downtown are being formulated

And be sure to check out this week’s new episode featuring Brian Schroeder of Eskenazi Health. The subject is wellness – utilizing workplace wellness as a business strategy and the idea that we can move from treating chronic disease with a pill to utilizing lifestyle medicine.

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Fifth Third Bank Provides Record Gift for Health Project

Fifth Third Bank and the Fifth Third Foundation have donated $5 million to the Eskenazi Health Foundation — formerly the Wishard Foundation — and the new Eskenazi Health project. The company says the gift is the largest such donation by an Indiana financial institution to date. A release from Fifth Third explains:

Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County will honor the gift from Fifth Third in naming the faculty office building on the new Eskenazi Health campus the Fifth Third Faculty Office Building.

“We are extremely grateful to receive this record gift from Fifth Third in support of the health of our community and health education throughout Indiana and around the world,” said Ernest Vargo II, CFRE, president and CEO of the Eskenazi Health Foundation. “Fifth Third is a leading corporate citizen in Indianapolis and around the country, and their tremendous support for the health of our community is truly unique among financial institutions. We are deeply appreciative of their support and honored to reflect their generosity in the name of the faculty office building on the Eskenazi Health campus.”

Fifth Third Foundation and Fifth Third Bank will contribute $2 million and $3 million, respectively, to create the gift. The $5 million is among the largest gifts the Eskenazi Health Foundation – formerly the Wishard Foundation – has received and will support construction of the new Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital and Eskenazi Health campus, which will replace the current Wishard Memorial Hospital facilities.

“Fifth Third is proud to continue our long history of philanthropy and commitment to building a better tomorrow in the communities we serve with this gift in the name of health care and medical education,” said Nancy Huber, President & CEO, Fifth Third Bank, Central Indiana. “Eskenazi Health will play a unique role in Central Indiana, and the new hospital campus will be among the most advanced and efficient in the nation. For this unprecedented development, we are proud to provide a record gift.”

Fifth Third Bank was the first financial institution in the United States to establish a charitable foundation, opening the Fifth Third Foundation in 1948. The gift also marks the beginning of a partnership that will continue Fifth Third’s focus on financial literacy in the Central Indiana community and the financial health and vitality of individuals from all walks of life.

“We are committed to providing an extraordinary level of support in the communities we serve, and very few opportunities match the scope and capacity to influence positive change than that of a contribution to Eskenazi Health,” said Heidi Jark, vice president and managing director of the Fifth Third Foundation. “For a one-of-a-kind organization in the midst of once-in-a-century transformation, we are pleased to provide this gift for the people of Indiana.”

The Fifth Third Faculty Office Building will be a modern, campus-integrated facility that will house workspace for support functions of the hospital’s mission to advocate, care, teach and serve as well as house workspace for the Indiana University School of Medicine, Purdue University School of Pharmacy and various other academic support programs. Health and Hospital Corporation is working with developers Duke Realty and Browning Investments to develop the 295,000-sq. ft. building with a research-based workplace strategy to enhance productivity, workflow, efficiency and comfort while encouraging teamwork, innovation and collaboration among the partners that will utilize its workspace, which also includes the Regenstrief Institute.

“This is an extraordinary legacy gift supporting the health of our community,” said Dr. Lisa Harris, CEO and medical director at Wishard. “The gift will, first and foremost, support care for our patients, addressing the needs of the most vulnerable in our community and will enable highly specialized care to individuals facing life-changing trauma. It will also contribute to medical education for students of the IU School of Medicine, Purdue School of Pharmacy and many other academic institutions with which we partner.”

The Fifth Third Foundation is Fifth Third Bancorp’s charitable foundation. Its mission is to make strategic grants in the communities where Fifth Third Bank operates.

Wishard is one of America’s largest safety-net health care systems, with nearly 1.4 million outpatient visits last year, and is among the highest-quality, lowest-cost health care systems in the United States. Philanthropic contributions enhance Wishard’s ability to provide excellent quality care.