Ivy Tech ‘Switchboard’ to Help Grow Businesses in Monroe County

The Switchboard is an online portal designed to connect entrepreneurs and business owners to the local resources they need to start or grow a business in Monroe County.

It was created through a partnership with The Gayle and Bill Cook Center for Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech, Bloomington Economic Development Corporation, the City of Bloomington and through grants provided by the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County and Duke Energy.

Anyone interested in being a part of or contributing to Bloomington’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is encouraged to list yourself or your organization as a resource on The Switchboard to allow entrepreneurs to access your business or service (or just connect with you over coffee). To create a profile, just visit the site and click the “list a resource” button on the home page.

Furthermore, see the video below to learn more about The Gayle and Bill Cook Center for Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech’s Bloomington campus:

Township Numbers Not Adding Up

We revisit Al Hornaday, a Morgan County township trustee trying to inject some common sense into local government. In today’s brief video, Hornaday explains there are some major discrepancies between the small amount of poor relief provided in some townships and the high costs of simply running the township office. Visit www.MySmartGov.org for more.

Why Are Townships Still Here?

Al Hornaday is a former township trustee in Morgan County. As you will see, he is a hard-working Hoosier doing what he could to help people in his community. But in this short video – and several to come on budget numbers, emergency services and more – Al, who served for 12 years, says the office is simply no longer needed.

For more information, be sure to visit MySmartGov.org.

Township Disarray: Case No. 278 (or so it seems)

What does a state audit for Madison Township in Morgan County show? According to a new 6 News report:

  • Spending that exceeds the budget by nearly $500,000
  • No written contracts for hired services
  • Employees being both overpaid and underpaid

This is the latest example of your taxpayer money being wasted. When, we ask again, will this convince legislators that a government system set up in 1851 does not work in the 21st century?

Decide for yourself and let your legislators know you’re sick and tired of reading these stories and their refusal to do something about it. The news story and video are here, along with the state audit report.