You Were Asking About the First Female Bailiff?

Random info about Wyoming and women (I told you it was random) found in the State Legislatures magazine:

  • The Wyoming Territory (it became a state in 1890) in 1869 was the first to give all women the right to vote. Side note: Women who owned property in New Jersey were allowed to vote between 1790 and 1807
  • Wyoming (known as the Equality State) had the first female justice of the peace, bailiff, all female jury and governor.
  • Neighboring Colorado, however, had the first woman who was elected to the legislature and still has the highest percentage of female lawmakers

One thought on “You Were Asking About the First Female Bailiff?

  1. When I moved there, I’ll admit I was initially perplexed about why Wyoming would be The Equality State, of all places. So it was interesting to learn about women’s history there. Although, while it is officially The Equality State, my experience is that most residents refer to it as The Cowboy State.

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