Another Blow to Public Confidence in Political Leaders

This isn’t a commentary on immigration; it’s a condemnation of political games. And while this is a Democrat example, there are plenty of similar shenanigans taking place on the other side of the aisle.

Really! How can political leaders expect the public they serve to have confidence in them when the focus is simply on saving their own jobs? CongressDaily reports:

Without enough votes firmly in hand, Senate Democratic leaders know they face an uphill battle to pass an immigration measure next week that would enable young adults in the country illegally to become citizens.

But lawmakers and immigration experts said that even if the abrupt campaign to pass the bill goes down in flames, it still could boost
turnout at the voting booths for Democrats in November’s midterm elections and blunt Republican attempts to take over one or both chambers of Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he wants to attach the DREAM Act to the FY11 defense authorization bill when it is brought to the Senate floor next week.

Immigration and defense together in one bill? C’mon! And for all the wrong reasons.