Frito-Lay a Real Blue Chip for Frankfort

My parents and grandparents are all from Frankfort, and I spent the early part of my life as a Hot Dog. So it’s with great pride that I get to blog about a thriving business in this great town (known also to many as the place where "Blue Chips" was filmed). Frito-Lay not only employs 1,500 people at its Frankfort site (which includes two locations in the city), but it is making great strides in some key areas. Here are some facts you may not know about one of America’s premier snack makers:

  • The Frankfort plant is the largest site in Frito-Lay’s entire operation
  • Frito-Lay was the first major food company to remove trans fats from its entire snack chip portfolio
  • The Frankfort facility is working on a zero-landfill initiative. The company has been getting advice from Subaru in Lafayette, which has embarked upon a similar measure.
  • For its environmental awareness, the company won the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in 2008.

So there you go. The next time you devour a chili cheese Frito, don’t forget that you’re also supporting an outstanding Hoosier business. Frankfort workers will be grateful for your contribution — and Nick Nolte won’t make you run sprints after practice.

0 thoughts on “Frito-Lay a Real Blue Chip for Frankfort

  1. Amy, good question. Here is Frito Lay’s information and address for the Frankfort location. If you call them, they can tell you if they offer tours.

    2611 W County Road
    Frankfort, IN 46041
    (765) 659-1073

  2. I’ve been to this plant many times. Don’t forget about all of the illegals working there! Great for our economy and for those legal Hoosiers out of work right now.

  3. That is a lie ,I have been working there for 20 years.There is no illgals there but thete is a lot of hard work and a lot of people don’t make it here.If your lazy don’t waste your time please