Indiana: A State Divided on the Soda Question … I mean, Coke Question

So you walk into a restaurant with your cousins from California and wish to order a soft drink. You order a "pop" and your relatives have the audacity to order a "soda." Oh, those Left Coasters. Always trying to one-up us with their constant shenanigans. "Whatever," you say to yourself, "they’re only second cousins, anyway."

Strangemaps took a look at the Coke/Pop/Soda divide in the United States. What I found most interesting was the division right here in Indiana. It seems that while those in central Indiana and along the Kentucky border prefer "Coke," the rest of the state is pretty devout "pop" country.

What’s the explanation for this? How did this happen? Should we come to consensus? How about a ballot initiative? Someone, please think of the children!

Well, let me be the first to make a plea to the state: Can we please reach some middle ground here? We’re all Hoosiers. We’re all Hoosiers!

Hat tip to 13th Floor.