No Degree? WGU Offers Potential Solution

“I’m too busy.” “I’ve got family obligations.” “I work long hours.” “It’s too expensive.” “It’s not necessary.”

If those thoughts have ever entered your mind when thinking about getting an advanced degree, you’re probably not alone. But, if you’re one of the 730,000 Hoosiers with some college but no degree, it’s time for you to realize there are new options that combat those excuses.

If you’re too busy or you work long hours or you have family obligations that take up your daytime hours, there’s an online university called Western Governors University (WGU) Indiana that could fill the gap for you. Not only can you complete coursework whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you, you can take as many or as few classes that you can handle at a time.

How about that “too expensive” reason? As the cost is about $3,000 per six-month term and students have the option to complete their degree as fast as they can, a two-year bachelor’s or master’s degree would cost about $12,000. (WGU Indiana students are also eligible for financial aid.)

Not necessary? Ask Allison Barber, chancellor of WGU Indiana. “Our nation is now No. 10. We’re No. 10 of college graduates in the world. That’s a nationwide issue. It’s a crisis. We’re (Indiana) No. 45 in the country of people with college degrees,” she stresses.

Also, if you want to move up the ladder in your career field, chances are you’ll need an advanced degree. See? It’s necessary.

For the March/April edition of BizVoice® magazine, I got to interview Barber, as well a student and mentor from WGU Indiana and school administrators from other Indiana online institutions. Read the full story to hear more about their experiences and the potential for the non-profit online university to fill the void of Hoosiers with no college degrees.

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