P2 Brings a Little Less Conversation, a Lot More Action

I get it – we’re less than two months away from an election. Stop yelling at me.

Because it seems no matter where I turn, people are yelling at me: on television, on the radio, through Facebook posts, in person, with newspaper articles, through inflammatory e-mails. They’re telling me why I should vote one way or another in November. And they’re telling me that their candidate is better because the other one is the devil and voting for him or her will literally kill me someday.

Enough. No more misinformation; no more spin; no more lies or half-truths or deceptions.

I am a decently informed voter. I don’t claim to know all the answers, or even have fully-formed opinions on all of the issues (because there are so many). But I know what matters to me at the end of the day. I’m sure you know what issues concern you as well. 

The question then becomes: How do we get everybody else on board this well-informed voting wagon? Call me naïve, but we need to get rid of the external nonsense and take a serious look at all of the candidates up for office – from local offices and state legislature all the way to Congress and the president.

I want to see voting records (because, the proof is in the pudding, folks). I want to know where politicians stand on substantial issues. And I’d like to know these things without partisan rhetoric. Meaning I can’t listen to the politicians themselves – or even the media at times – because it doesn’t seem like they want to give me true information.

Who do I turn to then? My family; a few friends. What about my employer? Maybe the boss doesn’t come right to mind as a source of political information. But, don’t you want to know if a legislator in your district previously passed a law that would have affected your paychecks? Bet you that your employer knows exactly who those legislators are already.

Even if we are just hearing from employers that it is our civic duty to be informed citizens and voters; that is the way we can right this ship.

With the Indiana Prosperity Project (Indiana P2), employers have access to great resources and tools to spread the message – and the information is presented in a non-partisan way. Voting records, legislator profiles, contact information, links to government information (how to register to vote online, how a bill becomes a law, the Indiana election process and much more) are available for free. The Prosperity Project staff will even build employers a customized web site to go along with their brand.

A newly-redesigned and user-friendly Prosperity Project web site is available for employers to explore and share with employees at www.indianaprosperity.org.

Employers – check it out and start using it. Employees – take heed and trust your employer.

And for goodness’ sake – everybody else stop yelling at me.