Three Mistakes to Avoid in a Sluggish Economy


1. Hiring too quickly. Poorly chosen new hires cost your company both time and money. Consider trying out new people as contractors before hiring them as regular employees. See Chapter 7: Independent Contractors and Temporary/Part-Time Employees

2. Just paying everyone a salary. Who wants to deal with timecards and calculating overtime pay? Under law, certain employees who don’t qualify for an exemption are entitled to overtime pay, and can’t agree to forego overtime pay in exchange for receiving a salary. Additionally, hourly rates of skilled workers are often comparable with those of full-time staff in the same position. See Chapter 14: Wage and Hour Requirements

3. Thinking you don’t need to spend the time and money on harassment training for all staff. A study estimated that it is 34 times more expensive for employers to ignore workplace harassment than it is for them to establish effective programs and policies to minimize harassment in the workplace. See Chapter 24: Workplace Harassment

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