Butler to Offer Leadership Workshop Oct. 21 Featuring Brad Stevens

Butler University is hosting a workshop on values-based leadership Oct. 21. Here is the agenda for the event, and you can register here:

The topic of Values-based Leadership is one that by its nature invites personal reflection as well as an exploration of values and culture in the broader organization. This day-long workshop will provide opportunities for active discussion, stimulating presentations and observation of The Butler Way at work during basketball practice. This highly interactive day will include the following:

  • Welcome by Butler’s incoming President, James Danko. President Danko has a strong personal and professional interest in values-based Leadership.
  • Facilitated table discussions regarding leadership values. This will include self-reflection as well as guided discussions of team and organization values and culture that impact performance.
  • Discussion of our core values and beliefs as leaders.
  • A summary of leadership research and its impact on organization performance.
  • A framework for values-based Leadership, organization values, culture and performance.
  • Real world examples of values-based Leadership including a local business example.
  • The roots and evolution of The Butler Way: it encompasses more than basketball.
  • The Butler Way at work in the University’s sports programs, especially basketball.
  • The opportunity to watch the men’s basketball team in a live practice session.

A Dawg Gone Great Story

As you’re checking this out on what I hope is a pleasant Monday in Indiana and beyond, isn’t it a great day to be a Bulldog? I’m writing this on Friday before departing for Houston, truly anticipating that the Butler basketball team will be competing in the national championship game for the second consecutive year.

If somehow the Bulldogs became the latest victim Saturday in a magical run by VCU, the Butler tale remains a great one. One college basketball analyst called it simply the best story in the history of college basketball.

Wait, some who know me are saying, "You’re not a Bulldog, but a Cardinal" (as in Ball State graduate). And while I’ll remain a BSU supporter, it has been 21 years since a Sweet 16 run that saw the Cards give eventual champion UNLV its biggest tourney threat. But being a sports junkie, living in Indiana most of my life and in Indianapolis the last 13 years, how can you not support the Dawgs and, most importantly, the way they go about their business.

Historic Hinkle Fieldhouse, the Butler Way, players that are as focused on the classroom as the court — these are just a few of the reasons Hoosiers and others throughout the country are in for a long stay on the Butler bandwagon.

No matter the outcome, the Dawgs are winners. And I think they might just bring home the trophy that goes with being out front on the scoreboard too.

Finally, you ask: What does this have to do with business? Not a whole lot other than Butler is a longstanding Indiana Chamber member, a success story in many ways and something for all to rally around. Go Dawgs!

Butler’s Shining Moment Ends with Standing Ovation

No, David’s rock didn’t quite strike Goliath in the noggin. But what a run by a great Butler team, and the parallels to where Duke was when Coach Krzyzewski began are quite evident. This could be the first in a long line of Final Four efforts by the men from Hinkle. Many devoted fans packed into the Fieldhouse last night to view the game, and here’s an ESPN story that contains video of the crowd’s reaction to the last shot that almost shocked the basketball world.

What the Bulldogs’ Success Can Teach Us About Money Management

Elaine Bedel, president of Chamber member Bedel Financial Consulting in Indianapolis, authored an interesting column today for Inside INdiana Business explaining how you can apply Butler’s winning hoops formula to your finances:

Just as the Butler Bulldogs have a "game plan" for defeating each opponent, you need your own personal "game plan" to be financially successful. By developing your financial skills and being disciplined in implementing your plan, you can achieve your own financial victories.

Take time now to create your game plan and to develop an action list to accomplish your personal goals. Just like a good basketball player, you need to gain the skills that will allow you to take control of your financial life. If your understanding of financial concepts is lacking, take a course or read a book. Likewise, take the initiative to use the financial tools and calculators available on the Web to outline the steps necessary to achieve each goal. Then be disciplined in your approach. If you do, you will have a good chance of getting the result that you want.

Here are a few financial "tips" that can help you along the way.

1.Set Goals. It is important to write down your goals and keep them in a place where you are likely to read them at least once a week. Your electronic or paper calendar may be a good place. Reading your goals periodically will keep you focused throughout the year.

2.Control Spending. Maintain the lifestyle you can afford. Buy only what you need, not what you want. Do not create “lifestyle debt”. If you purchase “stuff” to keep up with the neighbors you will be threatening your future financial security.

3.Manage Credit Cards. Never carry a balance. Be smart and use your credit card wisely. Credit cards can be an effective and efficient financial tool. Smart people charge only the amount they can pay off each month.

4.Save Intentionally. Make your saving automatic. Direct a portion of your earned income from your paycheck to savings before the money gets to the checking account. For college education, have it automatically deposited to a 529 Plan. For retirement, have it deposited directly into your 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plan. For other investments, have the funds directed from your paycheck to a brokerage account.

5.Check Your Progress. Establish a system of tracking that will allow you to easily review your saving and spending budget throughout the year. Consider software and/or on-line banking.

Use that Bulldog discipline to keep your financial life in check and on track.

Go Butler!

Here’s a little poem I penned a couple of years ago. Pardon my indulgence, but I thought it was apropos for the moment. Though the city and most of the state claim other alma maters, this weekend we’re all for Butler (at least in my family, considering my dad was Brad Stevens’ eighth grade coach). Go Dogs!!!

A Night at Hinkle

The ball is tipped into the air;
Hot dogs, popcorn, standard fare.
Tho not so standard are the seats;
The years, the tears, and few defeats.

Bulldogs running stride for stride;
King Bulldog barking from the side.
Yet even he must leave behind
The pensive thoughts that grace his mind
Of so much history in one place –
The challengers, the goods, the greats.
One feels so pleasured by the presence
Of ghosts who haunt these hardwood heavens.

All these years since Mr. Hoover,
In our hearts, we’ll never lose her.
Plump’s last shot a great surprise;
College kids and college tries.

Unprivileged are those who must
Play their games in fancy-fussed
Arenas, gyms that feel so plastic;
Too much shine seems so bombastic.

I’ll take this place any day –
This sculpture almost made of clay,
So perfect every last detail,
In black & white, her walls regale.

For one thousand stars that twinkle,
I wouldn’t trade one night at Hinkle.

Butler U. All About Business

Seems more than the Butler football team (10-1; Pioneer Football League champs) and basketball team (ranked in the top 10 in the nation) are making good news in November. The school recently announced a new brand and approach for its business school. The school explains:

A new branding effort that includes key messages and a graphic identity for Butler University’s College of Business (COB) is intended to increase visibility and awareness of the College’s real life, real business™ mission which guides its unique approach to business education.

This applied, experiential structure runs throughout the COB curriculum, from freshman year through graduate programs in the form of live cases studies, semester-long research projects with local and international companies, the development of real student-run businesses, executive career mentoring, required internships, and leadership assessment, coaching, and development.

According to COB Dean Chuck Williams, the real life, real business branding effort is directly tied to the COB’s promise to students, parents, and employers to deliver an innovative, experiential business education on top of an already exceptionally strong foundation in business fundamentals.

“Many universities say they offer experiential education because they have a class here or there,” says Williams. “In the COB, it’s present in everything we do.”

The main messages of real life, real business include engaging learning experiences, empowered self-discovery, business relevance and collaborative partnerships. These messages will be integrated and communicated in new marketing materials – recruitment brochures and a new alumni magazine – but will receive the most attention on the new website, www.ButlerRealBusiness.com, in the form of feature stories and videos.

The branding effort is also aimed at increasing awareness of the College’s outreach to the Central Indiana business community, which benefits both the College and businesses, Williams says.

“Real life, real business works because we have businesses partnering with us to bring real life business problems and situations into the classroom. We look forward to sharing the stories of these partnerships and in turn encouraging others to collaborate with us in the future.”

The branding effort was developed by the COB’s marketing director with support from Butler’s University Relations department. Advising the College throughout the process is the College of Business Strategic Marketing Board, a group of 12 local business professionals representing Butler University, Butler Business Accelerator, Eli Lilly and Company, Clarian Health Partners, Compendium Blogware, Pensar Ideas, Forum Credit Union, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Centaur Gaming and the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership.